Some useful internet links I’d like to share with you :-)

Hey everyone,

Because I’m up to move to another city in the coming weeks I’ve decided to start packing up not only my clothes but what might be even more important than clothes nowadays (and can almost be considered as one of basic elements of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid for our young generation) – INTERNET. Even though I’m taking my tablet and smartphone with me on my journey, I still have some links saved in the favorite lists on my desktop computer which I have an access to at home. I use some of them regularly. The others I never tried, but saved for taking a closer look at further because I found them useful to myself. So I decided, figuratively speaking, to pack them up using my blog. Maybe you’ll also find some of them interesting and/or useful. In this case add them to your favorite’s sites, as I did. I would be glad if it helps you in some way :-)! For this purpose I attached a short description to any of them. I hope it makes a selection for you easier.




1. Airbnb The useful Russian internet site about finding accommodation.

2. Europass Make your CV online.

3. Life Optimizer The internet site about personal growth and development.

4. A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers

5. The internet site designed to bring you in touch with a nonprofit organizations that needs you.

6. A Russian freelance trade exchange. For those who are looking for remote or part-time work opportunities in Russia.

7. ErasmusMundus Scholarship for students and postgraduates

8. English, baby Free English lessons every day.

9. Train your accent The internet site devoted to accent reduction training for foreign English speakers and conversational English practice, as well.

10. Learn English with PBS podcasting on

11. EnglishCentral English video lessons.

12. Start learning Chinese for free.

13. Doodlekit Free website builder

14. The world Factbook The internet site provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

15. Free online audio converter

16. Online converter

17. Learn out loud English audio books

18. LibriVox Free audiobooks

19. Vkontakte English audio books

20. Open Library Free classic ebooks

21. Vkontanke English books

22. Vkontakte Books in foreign languages

23. Vkontakte Books in original languages

24. Vkontake English books in PDF format

25. Project Gutenberg Free ebooks

26. Memrise Learn foreign languages online using flashcards

27. Duolingo Learn foreign languages for free online

28. Business English lessons for adults

29. Podcast Francais facile Learn Frnech with podcasts

30. Subscribe for free French lessons

31. Vkontakte Scholarships, internship for study and work experience abroad

32. Wordle Generate “word clouds” from text that you provide

33. Francais Authentique Podcasts for French learners

34. BBC – Languages Courses and phrases, audio and video, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests


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